We provide comprehensive internal medicine care for adults and adolescents over the age of seventeen. Our in-house services include primary care, laboratory, x-ray, bone density, disease management, and referral coordination.  Our physicians will coordinate hospital care and services followed by post-discharge care for our patients. Several of our physicians also provide nursing home care for the community.

We have well-trained, caring staff members who are committed to taking care of our patients in every way. We have several categories of employees within our practice, including Front Office, Medical Records, Accounting (which includes Billing & Insurance), Laboratory, Referrals, and Nursing. If you have any questions or concerns, you may direct them to the Supervisor of each of these departments, or to the Practice Administrator.

We also have a Medical Resource Management team, headed by Dr. Cathey Miller, PharmD, CPP, CDE. Dr. Miller is a Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner and a Certified Diabetes Educator. She provides diabetes care, chronic disease care, osteoporosis care, anticoagulation care, medication assistance, and other services to our patients.

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Guilford Medical Associates has proudly served Greensboro and the surrounding communities for over 50 years. Several of our physicians have also chosen to help educate other practitioners about disease states and medications with which we have developed special expertise. This endeavor is conducted within very strict federal laws and is in full and total compliance with FDA and PHarma guidelines. Due to the Sunshine Act, all of these activities (including specific details of compensation) are openly available for the public to review. We are in full support of this transparency. The conclusions and opinions our physicians share at these educational programs result from extensive reviews of medical research and their own experience. As such, their presentations are unbiased and unaffected by the programs’ sponsorship. Most importantly, patient care at Guilford Medical has never been compromised as a result of our physicians’ participation in these programs. In fact, the extensive research our physicians undertake to prepare for these programs serves to enhance patient care. We are honored that our special expertise can be used to improve medical care locally, regionally and nationally.

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